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Equinox Hotel

Hudson Yards NY Project

The Equinox Hotel at Hudson Yards New York, NY is a project that I have been working on since the start of my career at Symmons Industries. The Equinox Shower Suite incorporate Modern, Clean lines and Industrial accents with a dark finish that changes shades with light

Chestnut Hill Site Visit

The purpose of the site visit was to get a feel of Equinox's high end athletic facilities. This gave us the ability to generate concepts aligning with their style.

Wire Frame

Accent Ceiling Piece

Clean Lines

Geometric Driven

Shower Design Requirements

  • Multi Function Showerhead

  • High Pressure Showerhead

  • Personal Spa Feel

  • Rain Showerhead

  • Body shower use for women that would like to keep their hair dry.

  • 2.5 GPM Flow Restriction

  • Singular escutcheon for valves & diverters.

  • Dark + Light Finish Options

Shower Progression

Final Design

Rain Shower

Hand Shower

High Pressure Nozzles

Low Profile Controls

Wall Shower Head

Flow Control


Polished Graphite

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