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Kraken Suite

Modern Industrial



Competitive Set Analysis | Symmons Design Studio


Design proactively, our design team began an iterative process based on forward trends and requests. The main focus of this exercise is to explore current design trends and Ideate to reveal a gap in Symmons' custom products.

In the exercise displayed, the drawing area is enclosed by two boxes, the left box include images to inspire lavatory faucets, the right side for showers. The images from the top are industrial/ ornamental styles and going towards the bottom the images become more modern/geometric. The drawing in the middle gives us a wide variety of mixtures between the styles

Secondary Ideation_edited_edited_edited.

When designing typography, the designer starts with certain letters to give the intent for the remaining alphabet, designing a bathroom suite is similar in this sense. We start with the lavatory faucet and shower then use specific details from these concepts to create the coordinating accessories (Towel bar, Robe hook).

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