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Competitive Set Analysis | Symmons Industries

The Kraken Competitive Set Analysis is a proactive initiative. This project emerged from a strategic approach, blending forward trends and client requests to address the evolving landscape of design preferences. The primary objective was to delve into current design trends, ideate extensively, and identify opportunities to elevate Symmons' custom product offerings. The ultimate outcome was an industrial-inspired design tailored for loft conversions, drawing inspiration from commercial sprinkler systems.

Project Details:

Sketching and Ideation:

The inception of the project involved extensive sketching sessions to explore design possibilities that aligned with forward trends and user demands. This phase allowed us to visualize and iterate on various concepts, laying the groundwork for the innovative industrial look we aimed to achieve.

Generating Modification Options:

A crucial aspect of the project was the generation of multiple modification options. This involved a meticulous exploration of design variations, considering factors such as functionality, aesthetics, and user experience. The goal was to offer a diverse range of choices that catered to different preferences within the industrial loft conversion theme.

Motion Graphic Display:

To enhance the presentation and communication of design options, motion graphic displays were created. This dynamic visual representation brought the modification options to life, offering stakeholders a comprehensive view of how each design variation would interact within a space.

Keyshot Rendering:

Keyshot rendering played a pivotal role in refining and visualizing the chosen design direction. This tool allowed for the creation of realistic renderings, highlighting the industrial features and detailing that make the loft conversion design stand out.


CAD Modeling with SolidWorks:

The project culminated in the meticulous execution of SolidWorks CAD work, ensuring that the chosen design not only met aesthetic standards but also adhered to practical considerations. The CAD work enabled precise modeling and facilitated seamless collaboration with manufacturing teams for successful implementation.

This design project showcases my proficiency in sketching, generating modification options, motion graphic displays, Keyshot rendering, and SolidWorks CAD work. By proactively addressing design trends and client needs, we not only identified a gap in Symmons' custom products but also introduced an innovative industrial aesthetic tailored for loft conversions, inspired by commercial sprinkler systems.

Collage + Drawings_edited_edited_edited.

In the exercise displayed, the drawing area is enclosed by two boxes, the left box include images to inspire lavatory faucets, the right side for showers. The images from the top are industrial/ ornamental styles and going towards the bottom the images become more modern/geometric. The drawing in the middle gives us a wide variety of mixtures between the styles

Secondary Ideation_edited_edited_edited.

When designing typography, the designer starts with certain letters to give the intent for the remaining alphabet, designing a bathroom suite is similar in this sense. We start with the lavatory faucet and shower then use specific details from these concepts to create the coordinating accessories (Towel bar, Robe hook).

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