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Principle Industrial Designer| Business case Project Manager | Showerhead Platform

HydroMersion, where I served as the Principal Industrial Designer and Project Management Lead. This project aimed to create a versatile shower head platform that not only pushed the boundaries of design but also laid the groundwork for future innovations in shower head technology.

Project Details:

The ideation phase began with extensive sketching sessions, exploring varied design possibilities to establish the foundational concept of HydroMersion. These sketches served as a visual roadmap, guiding the evolution of the multifunctional shower head platform.

Business Case Project Manager:

As the Business Case Project Manager, my role extended beyond design, encompassing strategic project management. This involved crafting a robust business case that outlined the project's objectives, market potential, and competitive landscape, ensuring a holistic approach to the development of HydroMersion.

Keyshot Rendering:

The design vision was brought to life through Keyshot rendering, providing realistic and detailed visualizations of HydroMersion. These renderings not only showcased the aesthetic appeal but also helped communicate the functionality and versatility of the platform to stakeholders and potential users.

SolidWorks CAD Work:

To translate the conceptual design into a tangible reality, SolidWorks CAD work played a pivotal role. This step involved precision modeling, ensuring that the intricate details of HydroMersion were captured accurately for seamless integration into the manufacturing process.


Spray Mode R&D:

A significant aspect of HydroMersion's innovation lay in the research and development of spray modes. Human factors and user preferences were carefully considered to develop a range of spray patterns that catered to different preferences and enhanced the overall showering experience.

Human Factors Design:

HydroMersion prioritized user-centric design by incorporating human factors considerations. The ergonomic design, intuitive controls, and customizable features were meticulously crafted to ensure that the user's experience was not only delightful but also aligned with individual preferences and needs.

HydroMersion stands as a testament to my role as the Principal Industrial Designer and Project Management Lead, navigating the realms of sketching, business case project management, Keyshot rendering, SolidWorks CAD work, spray mode research and development, and human factors design. This multifunctional shower head platform not only reflects design excellence but also serves as a foundation for the future evolution of shower head designs for Symmons.

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Hydromersion Engine

PVD Plated

EverFlow Nozzles

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