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Motion Graphics

This concept for AIG was designed to stay consistent with AIG's visual standards. I was able to use their online tagline "Protect my investments, protect my family" in a literally and visually.

Amazon Prime Pantry Banner (970 x 250) created in adobe suites. This quick animation advertises a brands variety of products available. This is a simplistic platform in order to display Amazon Prime Pantry's many product offerings.

Amazon Dash Banner (728 x 90) created in Adobe Suites. Like the service this animation displays the long list of products offered by Amazon Dash. The speed is just slow enough for the viewer to read each product to grab their interest.

Puma Holiday Banner (970 x 250) created in Adobe Suites.

Lowes Banner (970 x 250) created in Adobe Suites.

(300 x 250) Created in Adobe Suites.

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