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Senior Thesis | Wentworth Institute of Technology

Solution for milk packaging, tailored to address user information needs, spatial constraints, and industry delivery methods. This approach took into account human factors, industry standards, and even repurposed items like milk crates to maintain consistency in storage and delivery infrastructure.

Project Details:

Sketching and Ideation:

Exploring diverse design possibilities through sketch. The emphasis was on visualizing solutions that efficiently catered to user information needs, spatial constraints, and industry-specific delivery methods. This iterative process laid the foundation for an innovative approach to milk packaging.


Graphic Design:
Incorporating principles of graphic design, information architecture, and a thoughtful hierarchy of information, the packaging was conceptualized to provide users with a seamless and informative experience. This approach not only enhanced the visual appeal but also ensured that crucial information was easily accessible and comprehensible.


Keyshot Rendering:
Keyshot rendering played a crucial role in bringing the conceptualized design to life. This tool facilitated the creation of realistic visual representations, allowing stakeholders to envision the packaging in a real-world context. The renderings highlighted the aesthetic and functional aspects of the design, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its potential.

SolidWorks & Rhino CAD:
The project transitioned into the realm of SolidWorks CAD work, where the chosen design was translated into precise 3D models. This step ensured that the packaging not only met aesthetic standards but also adhered to practical considerations, including manufacturing feasibility and industry delivery methods.


Process Research and Human Factors Design:
The design process was enriched by extensive process research, delving into industry standards, human factors, and user behavior. This thorough understanding informed the creation of a packaging solution that not only met logistical requirements but also aligned seamlessly with the ergonomic needs and preferences of end-users.

Utilizing Storage Infrastructure:
An innovative element of this project was the repurposing of milk crates to maintain consistency in storage infrastructure. This sustainable approach not only aligned with industry practices but also showcased an environmentally conscious mindset, utilizing existing resources to enhance efficiency.

The Milk3 project showcases a multifaceted approach, incorporating sketching, graphic design principles, Keyshot rendering, SolidWorks CAD work, process research, and human factors design. By repurposing milk crates, I not only contributed to storage infrastructure consistency but also demonstrated a commitment to sustainable and user-centric solutions in the realm of milk packaging.

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