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Geode Spa

Cabo Resort | Symmons Design Studio

The Geode Spa Suite project, a captivating venture undertaken during my tenure at Symmons Industries. This project unfolded as a harmonious fusion of modernity and nature-inspired elements, creating a bespoke collection for an exclusive spa suite at a luxurious Cabo resort.

Project Details:

Sketching and Ideation:

The journey commenced with the fluid strokes of sketching, capturing the essence of both natural and geometric elements. Guided by the organic allure of Japanese river rocks, initial sketches paved the way for a design that seamlessly marries the serenity of nature with contemporary aesthetics.

Japanese River Rocks Inspiration:
Drawing inspiration from the intricate beauty of Japanese river rocks, I embarked on initial design iterations. These explorations ensured that the final product retained an authentic connection to nature, with carefully curated elements that mimic the organic forms found in these captivating geological wonders.

3D Modeling with Blender & SolidWorks:

Harnessing the power of Blender and SolidWorks, I translated conceptual sketches into detailed 3D models. This dual-tool approach facilitated a dynamic exploration of form and structure, ensuring the integration of natural and geometric elements in the most aesthetically pleasing and functional manner.


Keyshot Rendering:

To bring the design to life and convey its essence, Keyshot rendering was employed. This tool captured the interplay of light and shadow on the unique combination of natural and geometric surfaces, creating visuals that resonated with the spa suite's ambiance and exclusivity.

The Geode Spa Suite project stands as a testament to my proficiency in sketching, iterative design inspired by nature, and the seamless integration of Blender and SolidWorks in the CAD workflow. Keyshot rendering played a crucial role in presenting the final design in its full glory, making this portfolio piece a showcase of my ability to transform concepts into tangible, visually striking realities.

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